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Body Specific / Intro Massage
This thirty-minute session focuses directly on an area of concern, such as releasing tension in the neck, shoulders or low back. For first-timers it’s a great introduction to the benefits of massage.


Therapeutic Deep Tissue
Although not as rhythmic as other massage types, true deep tissue massage interacts with the deeper layers of the body's muscles and muscle groups.  Highly skilled therapists use a variety of deep tissue techniques and other modalities including trigger point, myofacial release and sports massage.  Recover from injuries faster, reduce chronic pain, and transform old patterns causing restriction or range of motion limitations


Relaxation Massage

Still the most popular massage today, Swedish massages are enjoyed by people of all ages and lifestyles.  This modality includes a combination of long relaxing and light rhythmic strokes.  Experienced Swedish massage therapists take you from your stress-filled life to a place of tranquil serenity.  Your body will feel rested and your mind at ease for a total pampering experience.




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